Monday, June 23, 2008

Everyone’s in YOUR Group

Did you know that unlike Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing companies - gibLink has a business model where everyone helps everyone.

Other Business Models are about Competing with Each Other

In those other business models you only earn on those people that you introduce or the people they introduce. So really your direct competition is EVERYONE else in the company – EVERYONE else who is presenting that same business or another business like yours. That direct competition is tough and most people don’t share their marketing with others because they lose out if a new person joins someone else’s organization.

Not so with gibLink!

Because we use a Global Revenue Sharing Pool - which we pay out each and every month - we all win when ANYONE joins gibLink. We all win in a couple of ways:

1. More Income in the pool for everyone to share.

2. Larger size gibLink means More Advertisers

3. Larger size gibLink means More People

More Income

Every time a new person joins they are joining the gibLink Member family. We all share in the monthly pool so every new member adds to that pool. Every new member adds to the size of your business!

More Advertisers

Every time a new person joins - gibLink gets bigger. That means we can attract more advertising revenue. Do you know that Facebook (a popular social networking site WITHOUT revenue sharing – meaning they keep the profits instead of all the members who make the community) has estimated sales of 150 Million Dollars a year. That’s over 12 Million dollars a month – when gibLink reaches that mark we will share 70% (over 8 Million dollars) with all our members every month!

More People

Every time a new person joins – gibLink gets bigger. That means more people to connect with – more resources to share, more blogs to learn from and more fun for us all.

Instead of competing with others we are all working together to grow a community of entrepreneurs who are sharing the knowledge and the wealth.

$10,000+ a month - Full-Time gibLink

Tomorrow we will discuss just how you can go FULL-TIME with gibLink – earning over $10,000 a month.

What would you do with your life if all your bills where paid?

What would you do if your gibLink income was $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 a month?

Keep an eye on your email – you decide when and how big your gibLink business will be.

All the best,

Team gibLink

P.S. Unique business model – everyone’s in your group. Keep an eye on your email tomorrow for details on going full-time with gibLink - $10,000 a month or more in income.